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X-Crystals are an economic mechanism in Tanki X. X-Crystals can be obtained by online purchases in the game- as opposed to Tanki Online, where players can directly buy crystals. Each X-Crystal is worth 10 ordinary crystals.


X-Crystals have a few roles in Tanki X:


  • Synthesized- X-Crystals can be turned into ordinary crystals. Each X-Crystal is worth 10 crystals. The interface for doing so offers several option: synthesizing 100, 500, 1500, 4,000, 8,000 or 12,000 crystals, but there is no different in which option the player chooses; choosing higher values doesn't give an extra bonus or discount- it merely lets the player convert crystals in less steps.

Purchase exclusive items

This includes:

  • The Polar and Coal paints.
  • The Steel skin (400 X-Crystals), as well as XT versions of items (850 X-Crystals).

Get items for less crystals

When converted to crystals, each X-Crystal is worth 10 ordinary crystals. Certain items can be bought either by crystals or X-Crystals. In cases like that, the value of X-Crystals required for buying the item is much smaller than the amount the player would otherwise have to pay using ordinary crystal. This means that for a given amount of n X-Crystals, instead of converting it to 10n crystals to buy an item, the player can pay for item using X-Crystals, and still have some left, which can be converted after the transaction or saved up.

For example:

  • Paints that would normally cost 2,000 crystals can be bought for 115 X-Crystals. In terms of value, this is a 42.5% discount.
  • Unique ammunition. In addition, ordinary ammunition can be bought for 30 X-Crystals, instead of 50 crystals (40% cheaper).
  • The Gold skin can be bought for 250 X-Crystals instead of 5,250 crystals (52.38% cheaper).


When buying X-Crystals (in USD), each dollar is worth roughly 62 X-Crystals. However, buying large quantities of X-Crystals gives an extra bonus:

Cost X-Crystals XC/$
Worth Bonus Total
$1.99 125 0 125 62.81
$5.99 375 45 420 70.12
$11.99 750 150 900 75.02
$23.99 1,500 500 2,000 83.37
$59.99 3,750 2,250 6,000 100.02
$99.99 6,250 6,250 12,500 125.01