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Tankionline (english) Wiki

Hull viking m3.png

Viking is best known for its high stability and health combination. It is great to use for long range turrets such as Railgun, Shaft, Magnum, Smoky, and Striker. It also has a relatively fast enough speed to use on smaller maps with lower ranged turrets such as Freeze and Isida. [Pictures will be coming soon]

Basic Information

  • Viking is a medium hull .
  • It has considerable armor and stability

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Pros:

  • Well-armored and can withstand quite a lot of damage.
  • It’s short, which lets it avoid being hit in some cases.
  • Fairly stable, wide and heavy -- it’s hard to: push a player who’s using Viking, make him lose balance or knock off his target.
  • Can withstand 1 or maybe 2 heavy hits

Minus.png Cons:

  • Sometimes it isn't fast enough to reach the enemy base on full health without using drops or supplies.
  • The shortness often makes it difficult to attack targets which are located on a higher level than Viking.
  • Hard to get gold boxes due to shortness.
  • Speed is very slow, making it hard to retreat.