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Hello wiki readers! My name is Saf, and I'm an Admin and Bureaucrat in this wiki. I like playing Tanki Online and have two accounts. My main account is shown in the info box to the right.  

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I will wreck you mate !!
Tanki nickname
Rank Major General Major General
Favorite turret(s) Railgun
Favorite hull(s) Dictator
Favorite paint(s) Premium and Zues
Favorite map(s) Silence
Joined Tanki A long time ago

My First Account: azmain123 ( Major General Major General)

My Second Account: narutoD.luffy ( Warrant Officer 4 Warrant Officer 4)

If you wish to contact me:

My Favorite Pages

  • Nitro: The first edit I have done in this wiki. The weird part was that Adnan rollbacked the edit, and I made the edit once again, and it stayed.

^^ Note: The page is renamed to Speed Boost ^^

  • Kits: The longest and biggest edit that I have done. It's a pretty redundant now, since it's been updated so many times. 
  • CTF: This was the first article that I have created. 
  • TO Contests: It's colourful and full of pictures. Pleasing to the eye if you ask me. 

My Favourite Hull/Turret Combo

A few combinations I like to use

Note: The order of this list is from my most favourite and onwards:

  • Hornet + Freeze
  • Hornet + Railgun
  • Mammoth + Twins
  • Dictator + Railgun
  • Hornet + Isida
  • Hunter + Thunder
  • Viking + Freeze
  • Titan + Smoky
  • Wasp + Firebird
  • Hunter + Valcun

Trusted 1021's Top 5 Best Turrets (Opinion)

Full Article: Trusted1021 Top 5 

  1. Railgun
  2. Ricochet
  3. Firebird
  4. Thunder
  5. Shaft