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Titan is a heavy hull in Tanki Online. It has a high amount of health, coming second only to Mammoth, and is also the second slowest hull, after Mammoth. It is first available at the rank of Recruit.


Titan has a high amount of health, yet has a reasonable speed for a heavy hull.

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Pros:

  • Heavily armored
  • Stable
  • Doesn't completely trade off speed for armor
  • High weight- can easily push other tanks
  • Good for gold hunting
  • Good for sniping because of its armor

Minus.png Cons:

  • Second slowest hull in the game
  • Its large dimensions make it an easy target


The old design of Titan, with Smoky mounted on top of it

Titan's high health makes it ideal in the Deathmatch mode, and its large dimensions also allows it to protect the base in Capture The Flag by forming a barrier, yet is, due to its low speed, not very good when it comes to taking the enemy's flag all the way from the enemy base.

Upgrades overview

  • Titan M1- This is a huge upgrade compared with M0. The armor added means that even a Shaft M1 still will have a hard time one-shot you. This hull has a fair speed. The speed combined with the armor is ideal for campers.
  • Titan M2- noticeably faster when it comes to speed and rotation speed. The armor gets a boost of nearly 100 health point, which allows it to last much longer in battle.
  • Titan M3- Even though it is arguably slow, Titan M3 certainly does outmatch the Mammoth in that it is faster, lighter and still manages to not die. It is the highest of all the Titan upgrades and is asymmetrical in looks. It is more aerodynamic, less noticeable and is faster in speed as compared to Mammoth.

Table of characteristics 

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Recruit Recruit Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Colonel Colonel Field Marshal Field Marshal
Price Crystal.png100 Crystal.png6,000 Crystal.png92,900 Crystal.png241,500
Accumulative price Crystal.png100 Crystal.png6,100 Crystal.png99,000 Crystal.png340,500
Protection 145 202 315 363
Speed 5 5.21 5.62 5.79
Maneuverability 42 51.9 71.6 80.1
Weight 3000 3412 4235 4588
Power 1000 1124 1371 1476
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Titan M0
Titan M1
Titan M2
Titan M3


  • As part of an update in 2013, Titan became the heaviest hull in the game. However, in future updates, Mammoth has become the heaviest hull again.
  • The hull resembles the hull of a M1A1 tank from WW2

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