Tankionline (english) Wiki
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Hello fellow tankmen! It goes without saying that it is survival of the fittest in-game, but here are some tips to help you prevail even against the fittest of them all. Here are some basics on how to increase your battle fund and raise your stats.

1. Choose your battles carefully:
Scroll through the battles carefully, you are looking for a battle with: a. a good battle fund (make sure the player scores aren’t too high or you may not get rewarded.) b. Lots of time remaining until the end of the battle (this way you have enough time to get a high score) c. Join the team which has higher ranked players (it is generally better to have the better players on your team.) d. Preferably join the winning team if possible (this give you a better chance at getting more points)

2. Communication:
This will help you find out: a. what language your team is using (it will come in handy for communication) b. ask them how things are going in the game using the team chat by pressing “T” ( they will likely mention if there are any problems such as hackers, druggers, insults, or that mad Shaft that no one can pass) c. ask if you can be of any help and tell them which weapons you have (someone will probably suggest you a combination).

3. Change your turret, Hull and Protection Modules to suit the team you’re joining:
Get a module that protects against the majority of enemy turrets in use. This will help minimize the damage taken from enemy turrets.

4. Try different strategies:
Use the battle chat to: a. alert your team the enemy is approaching b. coordinate your attacks c. inform your team where your flag is (if both flags are contested).

5. Invite friends and allies to join your game:
The more the people you invite, the more powerful your team will be, so call your friends through Skype, Discord, or whatever you use to come and assist you.

8. Change strategies often:
Keep the enemy on their toes. Don’t let them know your next big move. If you can keep them guessing, then you can easily use that to your advantage and win the game.

9. Blitzkrieg:
Don’t give the enemy any time to react. Take the objective (if there is one) and keep eliminating their team as they respawn. Don’t give them any time to think or strategize and use this to your advantage.

10. Victory:
Victory is more that just winning the match. You need to thank your teammates for their valiant efforts in assisting you. It is a team effort and you couldn’t have won without them. Facilitating a non-toxic game environment and encouraging comraderie is what the game is about. That and winning crystals.