Hello fellow tankmen! It goes without saying that its survival of the fittest in the battles, but there are some tips to make you win even against the fittest. Here are some A.B.Cs on how to win and get rewarded lots of crystals every time.

1. Choose the battle carefully – Scroll through the battles, looking for a battle with: a)- a good battle fund (make sure the leading players’ scores are not too high because you might not get any reward at the end of the battle) b)- a lot of time remaining until the end of the battle (to give allowance to score significant points) c)- enter the team which has the highest ranked players (they have better weapons and experience)

2.Greet everyone when entering the battle – This will help you find out: a)- what language the players are using (it will come in handy in communication) b)- ask them how things are going in the team chat by pressing T ( they will definitely mention if there are any problems such as hackers, druggers, insults, or that mad shaft that no one can pass) c)- ask if you can be of any help and tell them which weapons you have (someone will probably suggest you a combination).

3. Quickly change your tank weapon and paint to suit the match – Get a paint that protects against the enemy guns meaning that if the opposition team has many a)- ricochets and isidas then get zeus paint b)- freezes and railguns then get the inferno paint c)- shafts and railguns then get jade paint d)- thunders and twins then get the emerald paint.

4. Talk to your teammates – This is the time to find out: a)- who is playing until the end or until the next gold box b)- who has battle supplies and c)-who wants to do some teamwork to the battle.

5. Try different strategies – Use the battle chat to: a)- alert when the enemy is approaching b)- agree on which side and when to attack (it might be useful to attack during the gold period while everyone is away) c)- inform about where the enemy is hiding your flag (if both flags are on air).

6. Call more friends to enter the battle – The more the friends in Tanki, the more powerful you are, so call your high ranked friends through Skype, Facebook, PM to come and help you. (They will come if you call them when the battle fund close to gold).

7. Buy more supplies – If all your efforts seem not to be enough then go into the garage without losing your score and buy some supplies (agree with your teammates that they go and buy some supplies too because it’s more effective when you drug as a team.Use mines in battlefield as they are the best supplies.There are many tricks with mines(video about that will be soon uploaded).

8. Change strategy – A battle without supplies is different from the one with supplies so by this point you need the isidas to move behind the big strong tanks, healing and hiding from behind. There should be those few players that remain at the base just to mine the whole place up and hide so that they do not get killed because the mines will be wasted.

9. Demoralize the enemy – This is the part where some of the members of the opposition team will start living. Do not relax! This is the crucial point of the game, stay in their base, kill them as they re-spawn, do not fight for who will capture the next flag because you will waste time and give the enemy time to recover.

10. Win – Winning is more that just getting the reward at the end of the match. You need to thank your teammates for the job well done, exchange contacts for future adventures. Use the crystals won in the battle wisely… and enjoy.

Tips for getting experience:


I won't recommend this turret for gaining EXP, but anyway...

  1. The best technique here will be circle strafing since you can run any where to find enemies and you are not focusing on a really high safety - are you? If you camp normally, you have to wait in your camp for some time which is particularly, wasting your precious time.
  2. Try not to run into Twins which will likely kill you down.
  3. The worst danger for Smoky is Thunder, Twins and it's brother, Ricochet.

If you're using a heavy hull - such as Titan or Mammoth, make a medium distance.


A really good turret for earning EXP.

  • Circle strafing or mid range sniping or just bump in least recommended unless you're a newbie, or bump from behind (I rather use Freeze or Firebird).
  • It will help a lot if you become a frontier with Hornet, Viking, or Hunter.
  • This is famous with Wasp, but don't do that unless you are sniping if meet any high impact force hull your poor Wasp's front part will go in the sky making your hull totally useless.
  • Remember that your enemy must get hits from both barrels.