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Thunder is a turret in Tanki Online, which is unlocked at the rank of Gefreiter Gefreiter. Its shells explode when hitting the target, causing splash damage to anyone nearby.


Thunder has a moderate rate of fire, yet its projectiles heavily damage the target. When hitting an object, the projectile explodes and results in a splash damage to any nearby tank, and up to a given radius- the closer a tank is to the origin of the explosion, the higher the target is. The splash damage is not as powerful as a direct hit, yet it can destroy multiple enemies at once. Just like some of the other turrets, its projectiles instantly hit the target.

If the explosion takes place next to the shooter- especially when facing an enemy at close range- the explosion will also damage the Thunder that has fired the shell, and reduce their own health, which can also cause them to self-destruct.

Its impact force is relatively high, allowing it to knock off enemy's aim, though is not as effective in this task as other turrets, like Smoky and Twins, which have a faster reloading speed.

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Pros:

  • High damage
  • Good range
  • Relatively cheap
  • High DPS, compared to other medium to long-range turrets
  • Can destroy multiple enemies at once
  • Can destroy enemies behind obstacles
  • The self-damage allows speeding up a self destruction, if necessary
  • Recoil can be used to achieve a soft land when jumping off high places
  • Good choice for parkour

Minus.png Cons:

  • Can deal self-damage
  • Reloading speed is somewhat slow
  • Poor damage and accuracy at long ranges
  • Damage decreases with distance.
  • Can flip if hull is light.


Thunder's capability of dealing decent damage each shot, as well as its ability to damage multiple enemies, without the need to even hit them directly, makes Thunder a very versatile turret. When used with a heavy hull, which provides lots of health, it can last very long and destroy nearly any enemy. It is therefore used frequently in bases in the CTF mode, damaging enemies that attempt to infiltrate and take the flag.

When aiming on an enemy's side, it can be used to knock that enemy's aim off, and therefore make him miss, while damaging that enemy. However, turrets with a higher reloading speed and a higher impact force are more suitable for this task.

The splash damage is also very useful for damaging crowded enemy tanks- for instance, in CP mode at polygon, where it is a very common scenario. It also allows to destroy an enemy behind a wall, by aimbing below the enemy, towards its sides, or by hitting the ground next to that enemy.

The explosion also plays an important role in parkour games, which allows to launch tanks with light hulls high up the air.

Thunder XT

Main article: thunder XT

On September 10, 2015, Thunder got an XT version available, with a new look. The turret is available to players at the rank of Generalissimo by completing one of the rare Daily Missions.

Upgrades overview

  • Thunder M1- reloading is faster, yet is still slightly slow in general. The damage is also increased, and the minimum damage at long ranges has been doubled. The maximum range is also somewhat extended, and the the rotation speed and impact force get a significant boost.
  • Thunder M2- gets another decent increase in damage and impact force, and has its other parameters slightly improved. Its splash damage now becomes strong in particular, and allows Thunder to heavily damage enemies even when missing.
  • Thunder M3- extremely powerful, and can completely destroy tanks even if the shot misses the tank. Its texture is further changed with a new metallic finish.

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Gefreiter Gefreiter Warrant Officer 4 Warrant Officer 4 Captain Captain Marshal Marshal
Price Crystal.png500 Crystal.png38,600 Crystal.png110,500 Crystal.png214,400
Accumulative price Crystal.png500 Crystal.png39,100 Crystal.png149,600 ???
Damage 269.41-380 431.17-600 504.71-700 622.35-860
Impact force 180.59 238.82 265.29 307.65
Reload speed 3.059 2.832 2.729 2.565
Rotation speed 72.94 89.12 96.47 108.24
Range 102.35 115.29 121.18 130.59
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Thunder M0
Thunder M1
Thunder M2
Thunder M3


  • It is one of the few turrets capable of dealing self-damage, along with Ricochet and Vulcan.
  • It is commonly used by Godmode_ON, along with Mammoth.
  • This turret is the first turret to be shown in the tutorial


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