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Tanki Online's Test Server is a separated server from the game, where new features are usually tested by parts of the community before being released to everyone in the actual game.

The experimented features can include stuff like new turrets and hulls, but also entire game mechanisms that have yet to be added to Tanki, such as the mouse-control and the Daily Missions. The servers are mostly not open to the wide public- while access is only permitted to staff members and players with a special invite code by the staff- but from time to time an access is given to everyone, allowing them to create a temporary test account and check the tested features.

When a public testing is done, all created accounts are temporary (unrelated to the accounts with the same usernames in the standard Tanki). Each new player is given the same rank and amount of starter crystals that the developers have determined for the given testing.

Whenever the tested features do not include stuff like physics changes or modified hulls/turrets parameters, the game-play is essentially identical to the real Tanki's.


The test server has chat commands which players can use:

The test server's homepage

Command Syntax Use
addscore /addscore ddddddd Adds score (a 7-digit number)
addcry /addcry ddddddd Adds crystals (a 7-digit number)

In some servers (e.g. Server 7), the commands do not work.


  • Test Server has 2 divisions. English and Russian. Both have 8 shared servers.
  • This website used to be only accessible to professional Tanki players, staff members and other authorized players. nowadays, however, it is also available to all players from time to time.
  • There was a server where anyone can register and play on it. It was called "testcore". This server was only in Russian but players could still chat in English.
  • There are attempts to try and breach the test servers, but failed because the codes expire after testing.


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