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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Use this template to add a rank name, followed by its icon.




  • name is either the name of the rank (e.g. Warrant Officer 5) or the rank's number (e.g. 15). Rank names are case-insensitive.
    • For Legend ranks, you can either type "Legend <number>" for the corresponding Legend rank, use an integer above 30 to calculate the corresponding Legend rank (e.g. "42" for "Legend 12").
  • premium (optional) specifies whether to use a Premium background for the rank's icon. For enabling, use the values "1", "yes" or "true".
  • altText (optional) specifies an alternative text, in case the input rank is not valid. If not specified, the default alt text would be "N/A".


Wikitext Result Description
{{Rank|19}} Captain Captain Rank by number
{{Rank|Captain}} Captain Captain Rank by name
{{Rank|cApTAiN}} Captain Captain Rank by case-insensitive name
{{Rank|Captain|true}} Captain Captain Rank with premium banner
{{Rank|31}} Legend Legend Legend rank by number
{{Rank|Legend}} Legend Legend Legend rank by name
{{Rank|Legend 1}} Legend Legend "Legend" rank, with redundant Legend number
{{Rank|Legend 15}} Legend 15 Legend 15 Legend rank by Legend number
{{Rank|45}} Legend 15 Legend 15 Legend rank by absolute rank number
{{Rank|10.5}} N/A Non-integer rank (or Legend) number
{{Rank|0}} N/A Non-positive rank (or Legend) number
{{Rank|Cake}} N/A Unknown rank name
{{Rank|Cake|3=no such rank}} no such rank Unknown rank with alt text

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