Tankionline (english) Wiki
Tankionline (english) Wiki

The following page is a general introduction to the Tanki Online Wiki's policies. For a list of all policies, click here. For rules applied all across Wikia, see this page.

The policies consist of rules that the players are expected to follow, in order to keep the order and manners in the wiki. Brutally breaking the wiki's rules and not following warnings regarding following the policy could lead to a block by an admin.

Wiki rules

  • Any dirty jokes/adult jokes will immediately be deleted and the user/contributor will be blocked for 3 months, if the same infraction happens a second time, that user/contributor will be banned for LIFE!
  • The wiki's main categories or pages shall not be vandalized or deleted without Admin/Founder's notice. Any person who does so will be immediately blocked and seized of editing rights, be it contributors or registered users.
  • No page on this wiki shall have any profanity, vandalism, discussions about foreign topic, adult content, spamming, insulting, racism, cheat links or any of them. If such pages are discovered then they will be deleted as soon as possible and any contributor/user who started/assisted the page will be blocked forever and will be adduced of any rights he/she received through Admins, Bureaucrats or the Founder.
  • There will be no quarreling; trolling; cheating; sending links to hacks, virus ridden websites or hacks or any of them. This accounts for all contributors and registered editors on the Wiki.
  • NO BADGE FARMING AT ALL!!! This will be punished with immense consequence and will not be taken lightly.
  • Please have a happy time and enjoy browsing our website. If you think there is something missing in any of our articles please feel free to inform us or click the edit button. We are happy to listen to you :)
  • No asking for test server passwords. The offender shall be banned on the second offence for 3 days. This is getting annoying as well so you will also be banned for life if you ask a third time.
  • If you ask for help in the forums or through a message on the admin's/moderator's wall, make sure to use correct spelling and proper grammar so we can understand what you need. If you disregard this rule and post as so, we will not help you with your query.
  • Please watch your profanity. Any swearing can result in being kicked.
  • Please do not write random things in the comment section of articles. This will be counted as spamming/vandilism.
  • Be respectful of yourself, the admins, the pages, and of course, contributors.(No one likes to be kicked!)