Episode 1 of the Tanki V-Log was released on June 6, 2014, during Tanki's 5th birthday, and marked the beginning of the weekly V-Logs.


  1. Introduction to the international V-Log
  2. Tanki's ongoing 5th birthday celebrations, including in-game discounts, increased battle funds, gold boxes, THE GAME.
  3. Upcoming Product Kits
  4. In honor of the Football World Cup (which began the following week), From June 10 to June 12, paints featuring the country flags of the World Cup teams will be available for sale. When the World Cup ends, any player that bought the flag of the winning team will be given 50% refunds for any purchase made from the moment of buying the paint until the end of the event.
  5. The "Tanki Online Meme" contest in the English and German Facebook pages began.
  6. A reminder that the "Comic Caption" contest still taking place.
  7. Video of the week: winners will be given 40,000 crystals, and videos can not exceed 30 seconds. Last winning video was sent by Mr_M.a.K.a.V.e.l.i and Gangsterzohirul.
  8. The tallest building in the Skyscrapers map- which had recently replaced Abyss, being the tallest map in the game- was conquered by the German Tanki Tutorials Team. For their effort, they were given 1,000,000 crystals.
  9. Gold Hunter of the Week: WMI (26 gold boxes).
  10. Question of the week:
    • Last week's question included 3 tanks and a Smoky shooting them in order. The players had to guess which one will explode first. The winners were MCPON and mido2233.
    • This week's question included a Mammoth and a Titan, parked next to one of the map edges of Silence. A Wasp began pushing the Mammoth towards the edge, while a Hornet began pushing the Titan at the same time. Players had to guess which one will fall first. The correct answer was Mammoth, and the winners were I3.E.ST, Khalida and epictankdestroyer1.
  11. Tanki's eSports will be evolving, in order to be featured in StarLadderTV, a major eSports platform. Information was given about the first Star Series season of Tanki Online.


Name Profession Role in episode
Semyon Kirov Community manager Host, narrator
Vasiliy Sabirov Analyst Interviewed about upcoming product kit changes
Aleksander Zotov Community manager Shown in an interview about eSports
Sergey Bidzan Tanki Online manager at StarLadderTV Interviewed from the Kiev Cybersport Arena about the upcoming Star Series season