Tankionline (english) Wiki

The home page, as it was in November 2015

Tanki Online's home page is the landing page of tankionline.com. The home page contains news, links to affiliated websites and contact information. When first entering Tanki's website, the viewer will be directed to a tutorial of Tanki, and any future visit would direct to the ordinary home page.


The site contains several parts:

Top navigation

The top area of the background contains a navigation header, containing links to:

  • "Game"- back to the home page
  • "Materials"- desktop background,s ringtones, videos, and so on
  • "Tournaments"- linking to Tanki Online's StarLadder website, where clans, official contests and recorded copies of former contests are found
  • "Forum"- Tanki Online's official forum, where general discussions about Tanki, as well as updates by developers, are held
  • "Wiki"- a link to Tanki's official wiki (editable by approved community members only)
  • "Game"- back to the home page
  • "Ratings"- the Statistics page, with the weekly records
  • "Help"- a help desk for Tanki, maintenanced by community members
  • A button for changing the language of the site

Main content

The main area of the home page contains the following, from top to bottom:

  • Tanki's logo, with a "Play" button on its right. Clicking it directs the player to a server with battles mostly suitable for the player's rank
  • A navigation 3 of the most recent updates- each has a background image and a short description- with arrows for reading older updates. Clicking an update notice directs to a page with a more detailed description about it
  • A large area for a recent update, mostly occupied by the most recent V-Log episode. It too has arrows for checking the previous highlighted posts


The bottom area of the home page has some more minor areas:

  • The top 12 clans
  • Links for contacting, sharing Tanki in social media and links to the game rules

This section previously had a live server-load graph- showing the amount of players in the game each hour, for the last 5 days; and also a poll, which had been updated relatively frequently, but became outdated and was later removed.