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When not fighting, our tankers are involved in various contests that are held by the Tanki Administration. Many tankers have become known thanks to these events!

Contests can offer a wide range of prizes, from crystals to real-life products such as electronics, as well as community popularity!

Current Contest(s)

  • Women's Day Post Card Contest. Info can be found here.

All Contests

Note: The list is ordered from most recent and onward.


Lord of the Points(e-Sport)

Lord of Points.png

Masters of Parkour 2016

Masters of Parkour 2016.png

Scary Halloween

Scary Costume 2016.jpg

Mister and Miss Tanki 2016

Mr. and Ms. Tanki 2016.jpg

Football (EURO 2016) Frenzy

Football Frenzy.jpg

Tanki Theme Time (Twitter)

Tanki Theme Time.png

The GAME 2016 #2

The Game 2016.jpg


Craft-a-tank 2016.jpg

Fool's Gold

Fools Gold.jpg

Iron Days 2016 Parade

Iron Days Parade.jpg

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day.jpg

The GAME 2016 #1

The Game 2016 1.jpg

Tanki Postcard 2016 (Instagram)

Tanki Postcard 2016.jpg

15 Seconds to the New Year

15 seconds to the new year.jpg

Masters of Parkour 2015

Masters of Parkour 2015.jpg

Miss Tanki Online 2015

Miss TO 2015.jpg

Mister Tanki Online 2015

Mister TO 2015.jpg

The GAME 2015#2

The Game 2015.jpg

Photoshop 2015

Photoshop 2015.jpg

TO Commentator 2015

TO commentators.jpg

New Year Rank Up

New year rank up.jpg

The GAME 2015 #1

The Game 2015 -1.jpg

Tanki Postcard 2015

Tanki Postcard 2015.jpg

Masters of Parkour 2014

Masters of Parkour 2014.jpg
Supplies Tutorial
Supplies tutorial.png

Comic Captions

Comic captions.jpg

The GAME 2014

The Game 2014.jpg

Conquering Rio's Skyscraper

Conquering Rio Skyscraper.jpg

Miss Tanki Online 2014

Miss TO 2014.jpg

Mister Tanki Online 2014

Mister TO 2014.jpg

TO Commentator 2014

TO commentators 2014.jpg

Tanki Video Guide

Video Guide.jpg

Tankiada 2014

Tankiada 2014.jpg

Come to Light! (Facebook)

Come to Light.jpg

Photoshop 2014

Photoshop 2014.png

The GAME 2013

The Game 2013.jpg

15 Seconds to Fame 

15 seconds to Fame 2013.jpg

Where Have I Seen That? (Twitter)

Where have i seen that.png

Deja Vu (Facebook)

Come to Light.jpg

Halloween on Twitter

Halloween on twitter.jpg

Tanki Slogan

Tanki Slogan.jpg

Share Moon-Silence Gold Tweets

Tell everyone about ur goldbox.jpg

Farewell to Moon Silence

Farewell to moon silence.png

Miss Tanki Online 2013

Miss TO 2013.png

Mister Tanki Online 2013

Mister TO 2013.png

Masters of Parkour

Masters of Parkour 2013.jpg

Level Designer

Come to Light.jpg

Best of Guides

Best of guides.jpg

Custom Made Paint

TO custom paints.png

Tanki Online Body Art

TO body art.jpg

Artist of Tanki Online

Tanki artist.jpg

Say "Merry Christmas"

Come to Light.jpg

20 Seconds to New Year

20 seconds to new year.jpg

Parkour Contest 2012

Parkour 2012.jpg
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