Striker is a turret in Tanki Online, which is unlocked at the rank of Gefreiter. It is a missile launcher with 4 barrels, which can fire either a single missile or 4.


Striker is a 4-barreled missile launcher. The missiles are homing missiles, meaning that they will attempt to somewhat curve towards the target if the enemy moves. Striker has 2 firing modes:

  • In a similar manner to Shaft, it has an arcade mode, where the player presses space and immediately releases the space bar. In this case, a single non-homing missile will be fired
  • If the player holds down the space bar, a laser beam similar to Shaft's will be turned on, marking the point at which Striker is aiming. Any enemy tank which the laser is focoused on will be highlighted with a greed, rounded square. When aiming the laser at an enemy, a green, circular progress bar will begin loading around that target. If it reaches 100%, 4 missiles will be fired in a row towards that target. Losing contact with a target for too long (a very brief time) makes the progress bar disappear, and re-aiming at it will restart the progress bar. Releasing the space bar disables the progress bar, but doesn't fire a single missile either

The missiles will keep following the position of a target even if that means hitting an object in front of the tank, and thereby causing no damage to the target.

In addition, the missiles deal splash damage to any target near the explosion. Just like with Thunder, the firing tank can take self-damage if the missiles explode too close, but that damage can be cancelled out using a dedicated protection module.

Pros and Cons

Plus Pros:

  • High damage
  • Can hit multiple enemies
  • Each missile causes splash damage
  • Homing missiles can correct their course
  • Huge range
  • Relatively low reload time
  • Good choice for parkour.

Minus Cons:

  • Aiming the laser marker to reach 100% loading can be difficult
  • Can deal self-damage
  • It is obvious when you are locking onto a target
  • Homing missiles can curve into obstacles and explode before reaching the target
  • (Decently)Slow reload time: Opponent can kill you before you finish reloading.
  • Will reset it's reload time when a target escapes.


Striker was released on December 23, 2016, at 02:00 (UTC).[1] The update also included matching Protection Modules.

On January 11, 2017, its reload speed has been slightly increased, as well as the angular velocity of the missiles, and the maximum time allowed to lose contact with the target without the aiming reload being reset.[2]

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Rank icon 3 Gefreiter Rank icon 13 Warrant Officer 3 Rank icon 20 Major Rank icon 27 Marshal
Price Crystal450 Crystal24,300 Crystal117,100 Crystal217,150
Damage 291-358 447-549 556-683 665-817
Impact force 112 171 212 253
Reload speed 2.46 2.25 2.11 1.96
Rotation speed 72.9 87.6 97.9 108.2
Range 409.4 456.5 489.4 522.4
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Turret striker m0
Turret striker m1
Turret striker m2
Turret striker m3


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