The Spring Showdown are two fan-paints- Team Russia paint and Team International paint- released for the Spring Showdown contest in March 2016. Each one of the paints had been available in the garage for 5,000 crystals before the tournament began, on March 11, at 17:00 (UTC). Unlike most fan paints, these paints remain forever in the garages of those who've bought it.


Release date Available until
March 7, 2016, 02:00 (UTC) March 8, 2016, 16:00 (UTC)


When the event was announced, it was told that the total amount of crystals used for buying the paints will be divided among the buyers of the paint of the winning team. On episode 83 of the Tanki V-Log, it was specified that a 20,045 players had bought the Team International paint, and 47,439 had bought the Team Russia paint, meaning that a total of 337,415,000 crystals were spent on the paints. As a result, upon winning, each one of the fans of the International and Russian team would each have received 16,832 or 7,112 crystals respectively. Eventually, the Russian team won, which exclusively gave their fans the reward.