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Speed Boost (formerly called N2O) is a supply in Tanki Online. It can be triggered by pressing "4" in the keyboard, and it will increase the top speed of the player's tank by 30%, as well as the turret's rotation, for 45 seconds. It can be bought in the garage for 50 crystals each, starting at the rank of Gefreiter, and it is also available in the form of a drop box in-battle.


Supply Delay after usage
Speed Boost effects
Self-delay 15 seconds
Double Armor 15 seconds
Double Damage 15 seconds
Delay by other supplies
Double Armor 15 seconds
Double Damage 15 seconds


  • With Wasp and Hornet, a Speed Boost can also make the tank flip while taking a corner if they are not careful enough due to the high speed, you then have to self destruct.
  • It is useful in particular in the Monte Carlo map, where even Hornet M0 can jump from the ramps and land safely on the other end.
  • The turret-rotation effect was first implemented on March 3, 2015.[1]
  • With hornet, speed boost can make your tank drift.
  • Use it when you have to escape someone.
  • The appearance of the Speed Boost looks like a propane tank or a similar tank for holding gasses.


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