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Spectrum (originally referred to as "Spectre"[1]) is a paint in Tanki Online. During battle, the hue of the paint cycles through the different colors in a loop.


Place Release date Available until
Shop November 24, 2017
(02:00 UTC)
November 27, 2017
(02:00 UTC)

Protection Module

The Spectrum M-B module was given on November 27, 2017, for the winners of the Clan Championship X Finals tournament.[2] The paint provides a 25% protection against all turrets and mines.


  • When a player spawns with Spectrum, its color will be "frozen". When materializing, the animation will begin playing, but not necessarily from the pre-materialization color.
  • In the statistics website, Spectrum's texture is identical to Flow's.
  • It is the second animated paint, the first being Flow.


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