Servers are computers that run and process the game. Each server has its own chat, list of battles and number of online players.

Servers' names are a language shortcut (e.g. "EN" for English and "RU" for Russian), followed by a number, although the language at which the game is displayed depends on which language the player has picked in Tanki's home page.

When clicking the "Play" button in Tanki's homepage, the player is sent to one of the servers with the player's language prefix. The number of the server will be determined by which one of them has the most battles with the player's rank.

Players are free to change their server at any given time using a dropdown on the top bar of the game, located between the Garage and Friends buttons. Each server has its own players capacity. Next to each server in the dropdown is a progress bar, showing how near the number of online players is to its capacity. If a server is 100% full, it would be pale red, and be unclickable.


Since Tanki is an online shooting game, the players need to receive real-time information about the changes in battle, in a matter of milliseconds. Since the servers are distributed across the world, players who come from countries on the other side of the globe are very likely to experience a noticeable delay while playing. Therefore, Tanki has 3 version for the game, each for a different area of the world:

  • Chinese version.
  • Portuguese version, for Brazil and South America.
  • Standard version, available in English, Russian, German and Polish. Players can use any of these languages and still play the same version.

Tanki X

In Tanki X- the Unity3D version of Tanki- battle lists will be server-independent, and battles will be listed based on the rank of each player. The chat will also be public, and divided into topics rather than servers.

Test Server

Main article: Test Server

Tanki's test servers are servers which are used for testing unreleased features for the game. The test servers are mostly closed, but become accessible once a while whne the team launches a test feature to these servers- in which case, it will be announced in the forum.

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