Savanna is a paint in Tanki Online. It is unlocked at the rank of Sergeant, and is available for Crystal8,000 crystals.


  • On July 13, 2016, with the introduction of Protection Modules, Savanna's protection parameters have been disabled, and those who had bought it prior to the update were given the legacy module Savanna LGC-47. Its price was changed from 129,000 crystals to 8,000.

Protection Module

Savanna LGC-47 is a legacy module that provides 40% protection against Smoky, 20% against Railgun and 15% against Ricochet.


  • Used to provide protection against Smoky, Railgun and Ricochet.


Date Description
 ??? A paint that works well against Smoky and provides good protection against Railgun and Ricochet. Works well with mid to long-range battles. Sports a natural masking texture that makes the tank harder to spot.
July 13, 2016 Perfect for hiding among thick foliage such as jungle environments. Careful though... gorillas are known to use leaves for "cleaning" purposes.