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This page is about fan-made content. It is not involved with the game in any official way, and should not be treated as such.

I brushed the sweat away from my forehead as I saw the enemy's tanks. They were nice and ordered, ready for another victory. As I looked behind me, I realized I might need a few more stronger tank-men. This was a sad sight, as I saw Noble trying to climb onto Quizzical's back. Those tanks were better as shields than attackers, I thought. When the battle started, I saw a shaft laser zoom in. This was going to be harsh.

--15 minutes later-- This was embarrassing. The score before was 18-1, and it was a CTF set at 15 minutes. This time, I knew we needed victory to keep our morale up. The teams were even, and full. The game started. All tanks surged forward on their treads (other than Noble's mammoth) The rush started. Railgun and shaft lasers everywhere, I ducked in time as a lethal shaft shot whistled above my isida's turret. Poor Noble. Me and a firebird collided at the middle of massacre, and I flipped him upside-down. No time to look for the names, I had the flag. Suddenly, I saw the orange signal. Everyone was in a frenzy, trying to catch the gold box. I needed those crystals, since my wallet was empty, and I wanted the new hammer so bad. I watched in despair as a wasp hovered in midair toward the gold box. Suddenly out of nowhere, a shaft laser struck the hull and sent it careening sideways. Thanks, Noble. I used a speed boost, landed on top of the platform of tanks, and caught the gold box. All eyes were on killing me, I knew that. With the last minute remaining, and the last of my boost fading, I surged toward our flag. 30 seconds. I rushed toward the flag. 15 seconds. A freeze appeared behind a hill. 10 seconds. The freeze spotted me, but it was too late, since I was out of range. 5. A railgun caught me off-guard, and I barely survived. The freeze came up behind, and was draining away the last of my life when a shaft laser appeared. Good ol' Noble. 3. 2. I barely grasped the flag base. 1. "Samurott101 has captured enemy flag". Zero.