Rugby is the 4th game type which allows players to be on certain teams. The game type was added on January 26,2018 as the 2nd most recent game type.

Rugby is controlled with a ball in multiple drop zones which drops in a parachute just like the other powerups. Then the team who picks it up must get to the other team's end zone to get a point for his team. The players will know when a team scores when their team color appears on the screen saying they scored. For example, When the Red team scores the screen would say "Red team has scored the goal." The same thing goes for the blue team and a message in yellow will appear when the ball will be spawning and when the ball is going to be dropped.

Rugby also allowed players to throw the ball to other players. This allowed the other players to drive down the map faster with the ball on his or her tank. On one of tanki's updates, The ball will be making sounds when the ball is thrown and when the ball hits the ground. Players can pass the ball by using the F key. This game type is best played on Stadium

It was discovered that the ball doubles as a bomb. If tossed off the edge into the void, it explodes.