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Ricochet M0

Ricochet is the most versatile gun in Tanki Online. Though as opposed to all other M2 weapons it has no mass damage, Ricochet is still one of the most effective tank turrets for both DM and CTF modes. It inflicts massive damage to one target, easily steals frags from its rivals and it is perfect for fast killing both enemy tanks with any long range guns, and enemy Isidas  and Freezes  from safe distance. Ricochet also has two distinctive features: it has moderate recoil and huge physical effect on enemy tanks, and its charges bounce off obstacles. Combined with advanced homing system this gives Ricochet player a visible advantage.

  • A perfect combination of massive damage and medium range. Ricochet is perfect for both DM and CTF

    Old picture of Ricochet

     modes. Medium range of fire helps Ricochet killing defending Freezes, Firebirds and Isidas from safe distance and use ricochets for its own advantage in urban warfare. It is the most expensive turret on M0.

Best matching hulls for mounting Ricochet

Ricochet requires high-stability tank hulls, which means that Dictators and Hornets are not the best choices.

Viking is the best possible choice for designing an assault tank for CTF mode. Perfect for both capturing and delivering enemy flags, and for returning own flag.

Of course Mammoth is not for attacking enemy base in CTF mode, but it is still good for Deathmatches. As for defending the base it looks like ThunderFreeze and Shaft are better choices.

PROs and CONs

Plus.png Pros:

  • Ricochet is versatile and obviously overpowered.
  • The best turret for returning own flag.
  • Ricochet effectively kills Isidas, Firebirds and Freezes from safe distance.
  • You can climb with it.
  • Bounces off walls to hit opponents at an angle.

Minus.png Cons:

  • Aiming moving targets from a distance is tricky.
  • You may run out of plasma at the most inappropriate moment.
  • Sometimes you may hit yourself if you shoot straight at a wall.
  • Recoil won't flip you over if you flipped over.