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Repair Kit (formerly called First Aid) is a supply in Tanki Online. It is used for regenerating health, and adds to the player a total of 400 health points during a period of 2 seconds, linearly. It can be bought in the garage for 150 crystals each, starting at the rank of Corporal, and is also available in the form of a drop box in-battle.


Supply Delay after usage
Repair Kit effects
Self-delay 40 seconds
Double Armor 15 seconds
Double Damage 15 seconds
Mine 10 seconds
Delay by other supplies
Mine 10 seconds


  • The only way to regain health other than the use of a Repair Kit, is using Isida, which can heal teammates.
  • The old Repair Kit was brown and had a red cross. It was also the same color and logo when dropped in battle.
  • Another version of the repair kit had a syringe on it, which many people refer to it as “Drugs”. People who use supplies might see someone saying “Drugger!” in the chat(although it is referenced, it has no relationship to the actual drugs).
  • In a Tanki V-Log, the old repair kit will not be returning to the game since it made players invincible while under repair and if you get hit while under the new repair, the healing would stop.


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