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Prototype weapons


Main lightning gun damage per shot: 170
Shooting speed: 30 sec reload time
Turning speed: 64.7
Caliber Range: Infinite
Rank needed: Field Commander
Crystals Cost: 200,000 limited time
Weapons needed to make: Twins M3, Rail-gun M3, and Shaft M3
Lightning range: 16 m
Electric damage 24
Nano heal range of turret: 5-10 m
Manual heal range:

20 m

Tank buster damage: 80
Shooting speed: 3 sec reload time
Turning speed: 10
Splash range: 10
Scope range 100 m
M1 Cost: 20,500
Armor added at M1: 75


This turret is a combination of four guns; Isida, Rail-gun, Shaft, and Twins. This weapon can take out any tank in a VERY short amount of time. This turret is also able to heal other tanks arround you without even using up any of your amunition. The only way that you can get this gun is if you pay for it with 200,000 crystals and Twins M3, Rail-gun M3, and Shaft M3. When you put all three of those turrets together and add some extra parts you will get a Lightning turret which has three modifications which you can use on the battle field. This weapon is so overpowered that you need to get a whole buttload of crystals and other weapons to get this special turret. This turret can switch between four guns that are very powerful. The first modification is the main gun and it is called "Lightning". This powerful weapon has a 170 damage but has a 30 second reload. The next modification in Lightning is "Electric". With Electric you can damage/heal other players and when attacking an enemy, if there are any more enemys around him/her the electric rays will zap to that tank but gradually get weaker the more tanks it zaps to. The third modification is called "Tank Buster". Tank Buster is exactly like twins but has an EXTREMELY high attack power and the lasers it shoots can go through several tanks at a time like Shaft or Rail-gun. The most important thing about this weapon is that when you upgrade it to M1; an extra 75 armor is added to your tank whether it is Wasp or Mammoth. This weapon is EXTREMELY overpowered.

Hail Fire

M0 cost: 2000
Damage per shot 40-60
range: 40 m
reload: 1 sec
shots per min: 60
turning speed: 76
M1 cost: 5000
damage per shot: 50-65
range: 45 m
reload: .7 sec
shots per min 85.7
turning speed: 90
M2 cost: 100000
Damage per shot: 60-70
range: 60 m
reload: .5 sec
shots per min: 120
turning speed: 100
M3 cost: 700000
Damage per shot: 80-100
range: 55 m
reload: .5
shots per min: 120
turning speed: 100
Other attributes Is best used with Hornet and is best used as an assault turret.


This weapon is an overpowered version of twins. To get this weapon; you need to have twins M3 and 2000 crystals. Hail Fire is a VERY powerful and fast striking turret. With this turret, you can wipe out almost any tank even if it is M3 Mammoth. This weapon can also make you a nice pot of tea as well so you can stay calm and drink on while you while you decimate your puny enemies.