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This page is about fan-made content. It is not involved with the game in any official way, and should not be treated as such.

Anyone is free to comment their ideas in the comment section. If approved, it will appear in this article.

Remember that these are just fan-made supplies that can be made just for fun. Obviously there will be flaws.

Faster Reload/Fire-Rate

This supply would allow players to fire their turrets with a much fire rate with same firing amount. All guns with the exception of Twins would be 2x faster in firing rate. Because of Twin's high fire-rate, it will receive a 1.5x increase in speed. - Idea created by: RSA

Barbed Wire/Tank Trap

It would work like land mine but instead of killing enemy, it would immobilize them.  When a tank gets barbed-wire (wrapped up in a track), the tank gets stuck, and it is difficult or would take some time to be untangled.

Tazer Mine

Does damage to reduce half of the players health, then prevents them moving for one minute. You can still rotate your turret and shoot.

- Idea(s) created by: ☀Strawwitz Commander4019