A nickname is a unique name each tanker has, and is unique for their account. A nickname is displayed above it during battle. It is used when logging in (a player's E-mail address can be used instead as well).

Picking a nickname

When creating an account, a player is asked to choose a nickname, and may pick it if it is not taken. Otherwise, a list of up to 5 alternate, similar suggestions for nicknames will be displayed; although in some cases a message would read "The name is already in use", instead of the list of suggestions.

A nickname may contain English letters, digits, underscores (_), minus signs (-) and dots. Nicknames are case-sensitive, meaning that the nickname "Mike" will be different than "mike". However, once picked, other players will not be able to pick the same nickname- even when using a different letter case.


Since the nickname is unique, it lets players recognizing other players. The following are the main places where nicknames are used in Tanki:

  • In the battle's scoreboard
  • In the battle's log (the list on the right of each battle, reading the latest progress in battle)
  • In chat
  • When a certain player captures/drops/loses a flag, or catches a Gold Box, a corresponding message is displayed on the top of the screen
  • When inviting friends to battle, or when sending friend requests/deleting friends
  • In gifts' messages
  • In the ratings system
  • While reporting players

In addition, each player sees their

Changing nicknames

Players have the ability to rename their accounts, in exchange for 100,000 crystals.

An update launched on April 14, 2016, allowed reusing nicknames of inactive players.[1] A player is considered inactive if they haven't logged in for over a certain period of time (up to one year; the highest the player's rank is, the longer it will take for them to become inactive). Players who have previously made purchases in the game can only be considered inactive by the system after three years from the date of purchase. This system, however, does not override the data of the player whose nickname is being taken, and inactive players who have lost their nicknames can still restore their accounts with a new nickname.


  • Since February 1, 2016, players have been able to reserve their Tanki nicknames for Tanki X via a special form.[2]

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