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Mammoth M0

Mammoth ranks up as the most powerful hull in Tanki Online. It also holds its place as the largest hull in Tanki Online with dimensions no other tank can possess. The Turret is mounted very high up in the front of the tank which proves as a disability on small sniping spaces.  It's wide dimensions make it hard to hide. It is extremely heavy which can be felt when you play a game in it. It is very hard to destroy with small hulls as it has enormous masses of protection. It is still a good tank to play with especially because you don't die as fast as other players but it's slow in speed which is the bad part.

Best Turrets for mounting Mammoth

It is VERY stable but very little maneuverability which means that it is a good hull for longer range weapons.

  • Thunder Good for long range maps and camping.
  • Railgun If all you want to do is camp and blast rails, this could be a choice.
  • Ricochet
  • Shaft
  • Freeze : Although technically freeze demands high speed tanks, it works great with Mammoth
  • Isida : Same concept as Freeze. Also, you can be hard to kill and you can drain the opponents health.

It is good when used with a powerful gun. The shape and size of this tank suggests that it will look intimidating with a Shaft on it. In fact, there isn't a single turret that isn't considered bad with Mammoth. Mammoth can use any turret and can still dominate battles. In fact it has higher chances of getting healed by an Isida.

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Pros:

  • Really high HP
  • High stability when firing

Minus.png Cons:

  • Very slow movement and turning


  • It is the largest hull in Tanki Online. 
  • It also turns out to be the slowest tank. However, it makes up for this using increased protection.
  • Speaking of which, You also get a boost in protection by using the armour drug.
  • The turret is set far up in front of the tank which is a good way to hide behind walls without exposing too much of the hull. 
  • It is also has very thick armor, making it hard for players to kill you.