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" You know, I never though a new war would come... after I kicked everyone's ass", the General said. " You got all this Isida and Freeze weapons, but I became a general with my bare Smoky"

The Recruit was listening to the general. He was quite old, his paint was scraped,his turret bent. He was sent to battle. His first mission-Sandbox 

"The enemy is advancing... we need to stop them before they infiltrate our main Farms. The commander said. go go go"

Recruit spawned... he started shooting. The enemy was tough. A thunder player almost killed him. He used his mine and managed to kill him. His blue team was losing. The Red team gained 300 kills. The commander ordered an evacuation.

"General sir, the enemy has taken over the sandbox fortress and is going to our main farms. We have lost 300 soldiers"

The general said: "They must be going to the 2042 facility. There they can attack our moon base. We have to stop them. I want you to retreat to the end of the Canyon with all your troops. Inform commander Rogers to do the same thing. There we will make our stand"

The Recruit was being transported. A tank approached to him. "Hey, boring ride, isn't it? Anyway,I heard we will fight in the Canyon. I recommend you stay with me. We can shoot the enemy from the top"

They were taken to the end of the Canyon. Enemy tanks were rushing under them. On the front, M3 Thunder's,Isida behind them and then the Railguns on top of Smoke's that were carrying them.

The battle was fierce. 100 blue Thunderer's were lost while attacking the enemy Thunder. Our Isida's healed the Snipers on the top. The Recruit shot right in a mine. 15 enemy Isidas were gone. The enemy was stopped. They retreated to their main foces. They will soon get support to break the Canyon front.

Back at HQ, the Recruit was promoted for his valiant effort in the battle that day.