Juggernaut (JGR) is one of Tanki's Battle Modes. The mode was released on July 20, 2018,[1] The mode is exclusively available to non-PRO battles through matchmaking, for players at the rank of Rank icon 6 Sergeant or higher.


The mode itself is somewhat similar to Deathmatch, in a way that there are no teams, and each player can kill anyone.

When a new game begins, one of the players will randomly be assigned the title "Juggernaut", and be given a unique tank, equipped with special gear and having boosted abilities. These characteristics, along with the fact that non-Juggernauts can also target each other, make destroying the Juggernaut's tank a challenge.

When a different player kills the Juggernaut, that player will become the new Juggernaut upon getting destroyed and respawning.


The goal of the mode, just like with Deathmatch, is to destroy as many tanks as possible. Being the Juggernaut on itself is not the mode's goal, but could help achieving it thanks to the tank's characteristics.

Tank layout

The Juggernaut tank consists of 2 components:

  • Turret: consisting of two components:
    • A double-barreled Railgun (with increased damage and lower recharging/reloading speed)
    • A Striker launcher that fires 6 missiles at once. Capturing a target takes less time than with a normal Striker. Single-missile firing modes does not exist, however.
  • Hull: a unique heavy hull. Before effects, can reach speeds of up to 13 m/s (faster than Wasp M3)
  • Supplies: Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost effects are embedded into the tank.

A short press on the fire button triggers one of the Railguns. A long press will instead result in a laser marker, that once aimed at an enemy for long enough triggers the launch of multiple Striker missiles.

It will be noted that anti-Railgun/Striker protection modules will not reduce inflicted damage from Juggernaut shots.

The tank also has some technical or otherwise secondary features:

  • The level of micro-upgrades and modification level are always based on the levels of the player that is controlling Juggernaut.
  • Juggernaut uses the same paint and protection modules that were on the regular tank of the player that is now piloting it.
  • Upon activating overdrive, Juggernaut will push away and launch nearby tanks into the air.
  • Overdrive is recharged faster than on the usual hulls, and the healing from it is much more effective.
  • The player controlling Juggernaut cannot use supplies from the Garage, including mines. The only exception are Gold Boxes.
  • In-game supply drops, other than Repair Kit, cannot be picked.
  • Player controlling Juggernaut cannot use drones, meaning batteries will not be used while playing as the Juggernaut.

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