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Different components inside Tanki Online:

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Full Article: Crystals

Crystals are the in-game virtual currency in Tanki Online. Crystals can be used to buy things from the garage. Crystals can be earned and received in many different ways.


Full Article: Tankoins

Tankoins are the game's secondary currency and are primarily used to purchase items within the Shop. Tankoins are a premium currency in-game and can be bought through the shop.


Full Article: Containers

Containers are loot-boxes that contain random prizes ranging from supplies to rare paints. Containers can be purchased in the shop.


Full Article: Maps

In Tanki, maps are the different arenas where battles take place. There are various in the game, each with its own characteristics, from size, to design and landmarks. Different maps are unlocked at certain ranks.


Full Article: Lobby

The lobby is the main menu of Tanki Online. Here, you'll find all the different components, including battle list, garage menu, in-game purchasing, experience-level bar, etc.


Full Article: Ranks

All players in Tanki Online have a certain rank, which shows the progress of the player in the game. By taking part in battles, players earn experience points. The more experience points a player earns, the higher the player's rank becomes.


Full Article: Controls

Article will display how to control your hull and turret.


Full Article: Passes

Passes are bonuses available to players via Daily gifts or through the Garage, bought of course, with Crystals. These bonuses range from multiplied scores to double-value crystal packs.

Test Server

Full Article: Test Server

While technically, it really isn't inside the actual game, it is still part of Tanki Online. Tanki Online's Test Server is a separated server from the game, where new features are usually tested by parts of the community before being released to everyone, on the actual game


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Full Article: Garage