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Hunter M0

Feel like you need more armor than with Wasp and more speed than with Titan? Try using Hunter! It's a versatile tank hull, suitable for designing a versatile tank. Moderate speed, good armor - Hunter is just as good as it costs. Having a Hunter you may use any turret available in Tanki Online (though I personally don't recommend using Firebird), and any game mode: DM,TDM or CTF.  Hunter is the most balanced tier 1 tank hull. Though Hunter is not really recognized by capers, it's still capable of capturing enemy flags in CTF. Especially if you have some Nitro to boost your speed up.

Best matching turrets

This is the old Hunter

Smoky is nice with Hunter. Though experienced Tanki player will get more fun from playing on Wasp, and a newbie will most probably make more out of Smoky + Titan combination, Smoky still suits Hunter well enough.  Twins is maybe the best turret to use with Hunter. Moderate damage and infinite ammo of Twins along with moderate armor and speed of Hunter makes it a deadly combination in Tanki Online Railgun is definitely a good choice for using with Hunter, thanks to its good armor and great stability under enemy fire.

PROs and CONs    

===Plus.png Pros:


Don't know which hull to choose? Then fetch yourself some Hunter! A combination of good speed and armor rules. Hunter M3 withstands 1 Rail M3 shot, and this really matters! High stability of Hunter will make your tank hard to flip over, especially when using Railgun or playing against enemy Twins.

Minus.png Cons:

Hunter is not really that fast. Want Tanki to play fast - choose Wasp. Hunter is not really protected either. Just avoid messing up. Hunter also needs a long time before it can get to its full speed, so if you camp with this, don't mess up, and if you are going to capture the flag, try not to bump into objects on the way as it can take up a long time.