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Hunter is a medium armored hull in Tanki Online, which is is automatically obtained and equipped when creating a new account, along with Smoky.


Hunter is the fastest, lightest and least protective of all the medium hulls in the game. It is lighter and faster than Viking, and is slower and more protective than the light hull Hornet.

The hull itself is available to all new recruits by default, along with the turret Smoky and the paints Green and Holiday.

Hunter has a good combination of speed and armor, which allows lasting long in battles without a major speed tradeoff. Its heavy weight also does well in cancelling out recoil by turrets like Shaft and Railgun.

Comparison with Viking

In general, Hunter and Viking are much alike, with Hunter being the faster hull, and Viking being the more protective hull.

Formerly, Hunter was heavier than Viking, despite being faster and less protective. On April 23, 2015, their weights were swapped, to match their other parameters better [1]

Pros and Cons

Plus.png Pros:

  • Fastest medium hull
  • A good speed-for-armor trade-off rating
  • Its M0 upgrade is available to everyone by default
  • First hull to decently handle the recoil of turrets with high recoil
  • Good maneuverability
  • Very stable
  • Good All-rounder

Minus.png Cons:

  • Second most expensive hull to buy all of its M upgrades
  • Easy to flip over when jumping off ledges.
  • Not good for parkour.
  • Landmines can generally kill you at the lowest level
  • Free for a reason: it has low armor and is slow


Hunter's decent armor and relatively high speed offer a large range of uses. Its speed allows it to cross large maps quickly, and its armor allows it to survive heavy damage, even at M0.

Its speed and armor also make it a very effective choice for the Capture The Flag mode, not for DM or TDM.

Table of characteristics

M0 M1 M2 M3
Rank available Recruit Recruit Warrant Officer 4 Warrant Officer 4 Captain Captain Field Marshal Field Marshal
Price Crystal.png0 Crystal.png29,900 Crystal.png94,100 Crystal.png200,000
Accumulative price Crystal.png0 Crystal.png29,900 Crystal.png124,000 ???
Protection 105.0 173.8 200.3 247.9
Speed 7.50 8.46 8.82 9.49
Maneuverability 58.0 89.4 101.4 123.1
Weight 1500 1959 1065 1197
Power 800 991 2135 2453
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Hunter M0
Hunter M1
Hunter M2
Hunter M3


  • At M0, the first micro-upgrade for each one of its parameters costs only 1 crystal- the cheapest in the game. The same applies on the upgrades of Smoky M0.
  • The sloped armor slightly resembles the armor found on the Russian T-34


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