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How to make Tanki Online load faster
Tanki Online has a few ways to make it load faster. This allows all people, even with a slow computer, enjoy the game. These are the ways to make Tanki load faster:

Increasing Cache Memory in your browser (Windows) 

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on "Network and Internet"
  • Click on the 'Delete Browsing History and Cookies' option 
  • A window will come up, make sure you are on the 'General' tab
  • Click on the 'Settings' below the 'Browsing History' option
  • Where it says 'Disk space to use:' Put it up to the recommended, if it already is or it didn't make a difference, put it up 75 more.
  • Go to settings and clear your browsing history, this usually helps to speed up the internet quite a bit.

If you have put it up high and nothing has changed, it may just be the quality of your internet speed or someone else is using your internet.

Changing the Tanki Online window size

This pretty straightforward, in fact when your Tanki Online is loading, it will sometimes tell you how:

  • Press the - key to make the window smaller (higher performance in game)
  • Press the + key to make the window larger   (lower performance in game)

Some Tips

  • Make sure that down the bottom right of your computer screen, the internet connectivity is full (all bars will be white)
  • Tanki Online will load faster if no-one else is using the same internet a you at the same time.
  • Having only Tanki Online open (no other tabs or windows) will load faster (although having this wiki open at the same time is quite helpful but may slow it down a bit.)
  • Do not close your laptop while loading. If you did, try reloading the game.
  • Certain larger maps can also cause minor lag if your computer is too slow to handle it.