Hammer update

As of 18-12-14 one of the concept guns implemented by the Developers has been released for battle. It had been discussed about thoroughly in a VLOG that this gun, along with another prototype will see themselves come to life as the glorious year of 2014 comes to a close and a new era of discovery is put before us. The gun itself had been redesigned just weeks before launch date to fit in with the rest of the turret bloodline and the game mechanics that come with it are a first for the entire Game itself. It has been the third time that Tanki Online has included a gun in its arsenal which resembles the mechanics of an actual gun, which for this case is a shotgun.

Praises aside, this gun has received quite a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to overall gameplay and in-game competition, it seems that the gun itself has fallen into a jeopardy between the user and its own statistics, simply speaking, the gun is quite helpless on the battlefield against guns which fall into the Tier 1.5 - Tier 2 categories. It seems to be able to compete with the Smoky quite easily but when it comes to more advanced weaponry, such as the Thunder, the new gun just can't put up with the amount of mid-range damage and fails to cause considerable damage before dying. However, after testing the gun carefully it has been found that the gun is actually quite advantageous, especially when it comes to close range caliber combat, once the target is close enough, the Hammer can cause devastative damage without damaging itself by its own shots (an ability that was previously not possible by other melee range turrets). For now, it is the specifications of this gun that needs to be changed so that it can put up with the other guns in the field, other than that, the developers and artists have done a fantastic job in making a turret that can actually take on other turrets right after it's first launch. As the game slowly progresses, the gun will be improved and so will the game mechanics themselves which will enable a far greater scope for the future of this game. For now, the gun is well worth a shot :)