Halloween is an annual map, available during the Halloween celebrations in Tanki. It features dark skies, and a series of Halloween-themed landscape objects, such as tombstones, ghosts and pumpkins.



In 2015, the map was available between October 31 to November 1. Within the halloween map, Gold Boxes dropped 10 times more frequently (but still each one was worth 1,000 crystals). In addition, there was a special daily mission task- earning 3,000 experience points in the map, whose reward varied based on the player's rank:

Rank Reward
Rank icon 5 Master Corporal 1,750
Rank icon 10 Sergeant-major 4,750
Rank icon 15 Warrant Officer 5 7,750
Rank icon 20 Major 10,750
Rank icon 25 Lieutenant General 13,750
Rank icon 28 Field Marshal 15,750
Rank icon 30 Generalissimo 16,750