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Community Help

This is the community help page, if you need any help, look at the links in the navigation bar. For help with different things such as you are not able to purchase crystals, contact an admin for help for their personal opinion or visit help@tankionline.com.


Glitches (ONLINE)

The Guide For Tanki (+):

Turret Guides (+):

Smoky Guide (ONLINE)

Firebird Guide (ONLINE)

Twins Guide (ONLINE)

Railgun Guide (ONLINE)

Isida Guide (ONLINE)

Thunder Guide (ONLINE)

Ricochet Guide (ONLINE)

Freeze Guide (ONLINE)

Shaft Guide (ONLINE)

Hammer Guide (ONLINE)

Vulcan Guide (ONLINE)

Magnum Guide (OFFLINE)

Hull Guides (+):

Wasp Guide (ONLINE)

Hunter Guide (ONLINE)

Titan Guide (ONLINE)

Hornet Guide (ONLINE)

Dictator Guide (ONLINE)

Viking Guide (ONLINE)

Mammoth Guide (ONLINE)