Tankionline (english) Wiki

Registration (Online)

This page will help you with a lot of different things from A-Z.

It’s really easy to register an account in the game. First of all you need to choose a nickname and a password. Later you will be able to link your Tanki Online account to your e-mail address. This will protect you and your tank from becoming a victim of violators and will let you easily change or recover your password. (Note: Previous versions of the game allowed for a temporary "trial" of the game by creating an anonymous "anon" account followed by a random number, this system of temporary registration was however removed after the more recent updates due to spamming and/or trolling)

Lobby (Online)

After completing the registration and entering the game, you will see the main game screen called the Lobby. Here you can choose and enter the battle you want or create your own as well as communicate with other players using the chat, the screen can also be referred to as "The Main Menu". From here, you can not only select and play battles but also change settings, buy crystals, customize your tank and view your in game progress.

Garage (Online)

In order to have an advantage over your enemies or just be able to fight them, you need to go to the in game garage to be able to buy or upgrade your tank. The in-game currency is crystals. To acquire crystals, you need to defeat other tanks. With crystals, you can buy almost anything from tanks to paints to supplies.

Settings (Online)

If you do not like the quality that you are playing at, you can access the settings in the top right hand corner. Here you can change the quality that you are playing at and make specific graphical adjustments to suit your internet connection and/or make the gameplay more immersive.

Tank Controls (Online)

The tank controls are what allow you to move your tank so you can wipe out the enemy. View the topic link to learn more.