Gold Hunting

Gold hunting, like its name, is catching gold boxes . You may just think that it is just luck, but there is a clear difference between gold hunting noobs and pros. On this page there will be a few tips and tricks to successful gold hunting.

First you need to know the stages of gold hunting.

1. Dropping announcement (yellow text on top of screen) and a siren sounding. The gold box drop zone will show in a random GB (gold box) drop zone. There are set drop zones on a map, so don't expect the gold box to land on a house.

2. Usually in this stage players who are eager to get the gold box will run around the map looking for the drop zone. Once at the drop zone, the player will get into position and wait for the gold box to drop.

3. This is the last stage. 20 seconds after the GB drop is announced, the GB will parachute down the sky or if it is under something, it will just appear. Now it gets fierce. Turrets fire, hulls pushing each other, mine being laid, supplies being used, and even "betrayal" of friends.

GB hunting is a really important skill if you want crystals fast.

Tips and tricks

  •  In high-ranked battles players stop what they are doing ( as GBs are worth more than the battle fund) and get into readying positions. They don't even fight enemies because they might provoke an unwanted fight and miss the GB.
  • Get yourself destroyed, go into a tank when you are still ghost mode, as this saves you from the fighting.
  • There are many good hulls for GB hunting. dictator, titan, wasp, hornet, viking are good hulls. Dictators are quite high and large so tanks can't get on top of you easily. wasps and hornets are good on getting up tanks with a high recoil weapon (e.g. hammer, railgun) but lacks at armor. Titan can push ANY hull in the game, even mammoths. Even though it lacks speed, but its pushing-power and high HP definitely makes up for it. Vikings have large dimensions and decent speed and health the bad part is that it is very low, meaning other players can get on top of you easily.
  • Try using a friend help
  • They to jump and catch it while it is in midair
  • Use firebird+freeze protection, as they can either deliver lots of damage or slow you down
  • Get on a player. The player may see you as not a major problem until it realizes that you are on top so you are more likely to get the GB and avoid most of the fighting