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Godmode_ON as a Generalissimo in a Polygon DM

Godmode_ON is a mysterious Tanki player, who occasionally joins battles, and mostly tries to make the other players team up in order to kill him. He uses different ranks each time: Generalissimo Generalissimo, Marshal Marshal, or Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel. He will drop a couple gold boxes if he is killed.


Godmode_ON is always seen with Mammoth M3, and uses Thunder M3 or Twins M3 as a turret. He uses M3 equipment, despite the fact that sometimes his rank is Lieutenant Colonel - too low for having any M3 equipment.


Godmode_ON's paint - sometimes referred to as the "Lord Of Paint", "Devil's Paint" and "LORD"- provides a huge protection against all turrets. The exact value of protection against each one of the turrets is controversial. It has been worked out that the real protection is 88% against each turret and mines as well as the Freezing and burning effect not working.


The identity of Godmode_ON has never been officially announced, yet lots of speculations about it are available. Since the account exists and can be spotted once in a while, it is possible that it is not owned by a hacker, but an employee of Tanki Online - most likely a Russian developer. Tanki's team rarely ever release information about this player due to the spread of rumors. In one of the pictures below, there is a picture of Godmode_On climbing a building.

Official references

Despite the fact that the team does not use to release information about Godmode_ON, there have been several official references about this player:

  • January 4, 2014, the Holiday paint was a version of Godmode_ON's paint, without the protections.
  • On September 12, 2014, in episode 13 of the Tanki V-Log, a scene showed the player of Godmode_ON in real life, in the dusk. In the scene it was told that all mines in the map Silence had been disabled for 3 days.
  • On April 3, 2015, in the end of episode 40 of the V-Log, a short scene featured Godmode_ON catching a 5001 worth Gold Box. This is per the gold boxes dropped for April Fools' Day that year, where each one had an amount of crystals ranging from 100 to 5000.
  • On April 24, 2015, the Question of the Week of episode 43 of the V-Log featured 6 tanks shooting at Godmode_ON, and the players had to guess who will get to kill Godmode_ON.
  • On August 14, 2015, in episode 55 of the V-Log, various workers of the team were presented. When the screen showed the status of Nikolai Kolotov, a line in the bottom read "Not Godmode_ON".

    Tanki Online - Godmode ON's Appeal - Clarified Audio


  • In the Statistics page, when attempting to search for Godmode_ON, no results can be found.
  • On one of the loading screens features Godmode_ON.
  • On a wall in one of the maps, there is red writing scrawled over that says: "Beware of Godmode_ON", which may be a warning that Godmode_ON will return one day.
  • He is one of the scariest players to ever encounter.
  • His percentage protection against turrets always appears in a double question mark.
  • Finding him is like finding Herobrine in Minecraft. He will destroy you with minimal effort.
  • The damage done to Godmode is very minimal.