This is a page for general tactics that you will benefit from. These are not guides for a specific pairing of turrets and hulls, but rather tactics any player can use.

High Ground

For almost every turret, with the few exceptions of Freeze, Firebird, and Hammer, high ground is essential in almost every way. For example, if you are camping your base or sniping, you won't get a very clear view of the battle field from staying on the ground.

However, you should note that putting yourself on high ground could be counter effective, as you will be putting yourself in the open, and it is even more dangerous without teammates. If you decide to get on a high spot, use medium or heavy hulls for the best protection.


In almost every shooter game, charging headfirst into battle is an instant death. Take for example, you are going into battle, and a Shaft has you lined perfectly in his or her crosshairs, and you have Wasp, the lightest and weakest hull. You are as good as dead.

This is when flanking becomes extremely useful. Study the map if you are not in an intense battle, and find the most unused side passages. Flanking is extremely useful for getting close, and is essential to turrets that have a short range.You can also use trees and bushes to hide from your opponents

Additionally, if you have a few teammates with you, you can do a full on raid for CTF or destroy the enemy's entire side of fhe map.

Fast Hulls

For larger maps, especially for CTF, heavier hulls can be your downfall. A lot of inexperienced players choose heavier hulls because they provide more health and armor, while many high ranking players often use light hulls. However, think about it this way, if you are capturing the flag with Mammoth or Viking, what use would he extra armor be if you cannot even get out of the enemy's base. They would easily demolish you. While Wasp or Hornet may provide less health and armor, they allow you to travel much faster, making the light hulls better than heavy hulls in most cases.

In the offensive view, light hulls are also good. If you are chasing down an enemy, or stealing the flag, the faster you go, the better. Think about it, you almost killed a tank, but then they turn a corner several yards from you, and an Isida heals them back up, and you're now facing two enemies. This is why light hulls are generally better than heavy hulls.