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Format battles are a subcategory of battles, with modifiers that affect the theme of the battle, which was introduced on December 24, 2014. Joining and creating format battles require a PRO pass.

By default, a PRO battle will have no format modifier enabled, but a dropdown allows the player to select a battle format when creating a new battle. Format battles are listed in the bottom of the battle list, and have a trophy icon next to them.


The following table lists all the possible battle formats. For battles with an equipment requirement, the corresponding items must be at least at their M2 version, or an XT item.

Format Description
XP Battle restricted to Railgun and Hornet
BP Battle restricted to Railgun and Wasp
CX Battle restricted to Striker and Hornet
XP/BP Battle restricted to Railgun, with Wasp or Hornet as the hull
DR Battle restricted to Railgun and Dictator
Parkour Battle dedicated for performing special tricks. Experience and crystals are not earned here, and supplies have no cooldown


Before format battles were introduced, a new battle's name was typed manually (if not typed, the map's name, followed by the game mode, was used as a title). Players who wanted to create a battle with a specific playing style often used this feature to notify other players that this battle is dedicated for that particular playing style, and this allowed players who were interested to join. However, not all players understood this way of naming battles, and often joined battles in order to play normally, without realizing that the other members were trying to stick to a specific playing style. For instance, tankers who tried to do parkour often got killed by players who though it's an ordinary battle.

In order to solve this issue, the format battles feature was designed.

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