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Moon Silence was one of the most popular maps in Tanki Online.

"Farewell to Moonsilence was an event in Tanki that took place from October 3-October 10. Those days were the last days before Moon Silence was to be removed from Tanki.

About the Event

The game developers knew that players would sadden as Moon Silence was going away; thats why there were a lot of rewards that can be recieved ONLY in the event:

  1. A limited-edition paint called Moonwalker, providing 22% protection against Ricochet, was released to the garage.
  2. The chances of a gold box landing in Moonsilence was doubled.
  3. The value of the gold boxes landing was tripled- from 1,000 crystals to 3,000.
  4. A contest was held for having the most gold boxes collected. The winner received an iPad mini.

Reason for it's Farewell

Most people were curious and wanted to know why this amazing map was going to be removed. It turned out that the reason it was going away was actually because of the players themselves. Not all of them though.

A small amount of Moon Silence players were cheaters and hackers. Because Moon Silence was one of the most popular maps in Tanki for both low-rankers and high-rankers, it made sense [to them] to make cheats. The biggest cheat and one of the most annoying one was called the infamous Fly Hack. 

Zoom in to see the Flyer hack

The name says it all. It allowed players to basically fly to where ever they want. Because of the low-gravity and design of the map, people used this as the advantage to take & capture flags. It is an unfair way of playing Capture the Flag in Tanki. But now Tanki Online's anti-cheat sistem is stronger and there may be a chance of returning Moon Silence or making new moon maps.

Also, there were a lot of glitches in Moonsilence.  

More Information

  • 45,288 players have caught 64,761 special Gold boxes
  • In total of all the Gold Boxes caught, it equaled a whopping 194, 283, 000 crytals!
  • The winners of the iPad Mini contest were: Kshatry2 and JackN1 who both got 22 gold boxes.

Results of the Farewell to Moon Silence

  • The Moonwalker paint can still be kept if you bought it during the event. It does NOT go away. However, after the event, it is not possible to buy it.
  • The Moonwalker paint costs 3000 crystals. It costs the same and gives the same protection as the Dragon paint
  • Map Madness was removed by same reason but there wasn't an evnt.But good news that Madness is returning!