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Eternity is a paint in Tanki Online. It was available to purchase by premium accounts on October 31, 2015.

The paint comes in 4 different versions- based on the player's rank- each with a different set of protections against turrets. The lowest rank required for buying the paint is Corporal, costing 50,000 crystals. The final version is available to players at the rank of Brigadier or above, for 500,000 crystals.

Despite being available for only one day, once bought, the paint remains in the tanker's garage forever.


Rank range Price Protection
Min Max Against Min Max
Version #1
Corporal Corporal Sergeant-major Sergeant-major Crystal.png50,000 Firebird 14% 21%
Thunder 5% 8%
Railgun 5% 8%
Version #2
Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 5 Warrant Officer 5 Crystal.png100,000 Firebird 30% 45%
Thunder 12% 18%
Version #3
Third Lieutenant Third Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Crystal.png250,000 Firebird 40% 50%
Smoky 25% 38%
Hammer 10% 25%
Version #4
Brigadier Brigadier Generalissimo Generalissimo Crystal.png250,000 Smoky 40% 50%
Thunder 35% 50%
Isida 25% 50%


The paint was announced on October 30, 2015, as part of a sneak peek for the 2015 Halloween event in Tanki, along with its details. It was mentioned that Eternity would be available in addition to the traditional paint, Holiday. Two preview images, each showing a tank with one of the paints, were featured in the post.[1]


  • It was be the second Halloween-themed paint during the event, alongside the paint Holiday.
  • It is the second permanent Halloween paint, after Moonwalker.


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