Drones are an attachable component to the tank, which provides additional abilities to a tanker. Some of these abilities may also affect nearby tanks from the same team.

Drones are powered by the battery supply, and, if equipped, will be automatically activated upon spawning. Each consumed battery powers the drone for 1 minute. Upon activation, the drone will come out of the tank's rear and follow it in the battle.

It will be noted that only a single drone can be equipped at once. If no drone is equipped, no additional effect will manifest and no batteries will be consumed either.

Drones are available both from the garage under the Drones tab, or via special packs from the shop.


Name Cost Description
Mechanic 20,000 Support drone. After using Repair Kit will grant an additional bonus to instant repair effect and expand the effect to nearby allies.
Assault 20,000 Assault drone. After destroying enemy tanks prolongs the effect of all active supplies.
Trooper 20,000 Defence drone. After spawning applies to your tank the effects of Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost for a short time.
Engineer 50,000 Support drone. Considerably increases the duration of all picked up supply drops.
Driver 50,000 Assault drone. Speeds up overdrive recharge time with each destroyed enemy tank.
Supplier 50,000 Supply drone. After using Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost increases their duration and extends their effect to all nearby allies.


Drones in this section are still in development stages, and have been confirmed to be released. Their names are still not final, and may be changed by the time the drones become available.

Name Cost Upcoming effects
Defender  ??? Increases the duration of Double Armor (activation only, not drops)
Booster  ?? Briefly boosting the effect of Double Damage (boost and drop)
Sapper  ??? Some of the mines deployed by a player will still remain active upon the player's tank being destroyed
Camper  ??? Speeds up reload time while having full health
Demoman  ??? Upon destruction or suicide, the tank explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies
Rescuer  ??? Upon recharging, the drone will allow the tank to survive a fatal hit
Saboteur  ?? Using a mine will deploy several additional mines, when drone fully charged
Sprinter  ?? Picking a flag (CTF/ASL), ball or capturing a point (CP/ASL) while the drone is fully-charged, will apply all supplies excluding mines for a short time
Trickster  ??? Using Speed Boost when drone is ready will apply instant supply reloading for tanker and nearby players


  • On June 4, 2018,[1] the Mechanic, Assault and Trooper drones were released, along with the release of batteries.
  • On June 23, 2018,[2] the Engineer, Driver and Supplier drones were added. Additionally, certain mechanics and parameter values were changed for the previous drones.
  • 6 new drones were uncovered in episode 187 of the Tanki V-Log,[3] meant to be released during the 2018 Halloween update. The first 6 drones- Defender, Booster, Sapper, Camper, Demoman and Rescuer- already had their design finished; the last 3 drones- Saboteur, Sprinter and Trickster- still had their design in development, and only revealed by current drone name and ability.


  • The shop provides 2 product kits consisting of drones: "Drone Attack" Kit, containing Mechanic, Assault and Trooper; and "Second Coming" Kit, containing Engineer, Driver and Supplier.

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