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Drones are an attachable component to the tank, which provide additional abilities to tankers. Some of these abilities can also effect nearby tanks from the same team. Drones can also be micro-upgraded to improve their performance.

Drones are powered by the battery supply, and, if equipped, will be automatically activated upon spawning. Each consumed battery powers the drone for 1 minute. Upon activation, the drone will come out of the tank's rear and follow it in the battle.

It will be noted that only a single drone can be equipped at once. If no drone is equipped, no additional effect will manifest and no batteries will be consumed either.

Drones are available both from the garage under the Drones tab, or via special packs from the shop.


Assault Drones

Assault Drones assist you in destroying other tanks by giving you offensive boosts of different kinds.

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Assault Destroying an enemy tank reduces cooldown time of all active and recharging supplies. Recharge: 12s
Supply Cooldown Reduction: (3→15)s
Crystal.png20,000 Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1
Driver Speeds up Overdrive recharge time while destroying tanks. Recharge: 15s
Overdrive Recharge Reduction:
Crystal.png50,000 Warrant Officer 5 Warrant Officer 5
Sprinter After picking up the flag, the ball or capturing a control point gives the effect of Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost for a short time and repairs the tank. Recharge: 20s
Active Supplies Time: 10→20)s
Speed Boosts Consumed: 1
Crystal.png90,000 Captain Captain
Booster After using Double Damage increases the effect for a short time. Recharge: 3s

Power up duration: 3s Reduction of Double Damage cooldown: 10s
Additional Supply Power:
Double Damage Consumed: 3

Crystal.png140,000 Brigadier Brigadier
Blaster Blows up the tank after its destruction or self-destruct, damaging all nearby enemies. Recharge: 35s

Explosion damage:
Impact force: 150
Max splash damage radius: 5m
Min splash damage radius:
Weak damage: 10%
Double Damage consumed: 1

Crystal.png200,000 Marshal Marshal

Defensive Drones

Defensive Drones help keep your tank alive by giving you different defensive boosts.

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Trooper After spawning, applies to your tank the effects of Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost for a short time. Recharge: 20s

Active Time: (10→20)s Double Armour consumed: 1

Crystal.png20,000 Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1
Miner Allows for a certain number of mines to survive after the owner’s tank was destroyed. Recharge: 10s

Number of saved up mines: (3→30)
Reduction of Mine cooldown: 10s

Crystal.png50,000 Warrant Officer 5 Warrant Officer 5
Defender After activating Double Armor increases the effect for a short time. Recharge: 20s

Power up duration: 20s
Additional supply power: (50→200)%
Reduction of Double Armour Cooldown: 10

Crystal.png90,000 Captain Captain
Lifeguard After receiving fatal damage, protects the tank from destruction and instantly repairs it. Recharge: 30s

Healing: (250→3000)HP Repair Kits consumed: 3

Crystal.png140,000 Brigadier Brigadier
Saboteur After placing a mine will also place several additional mines around the spot. Recharge: 40s

Number of mines: (3→8) Mine activation duration: (2→0.5)s Mines consumed: 4

Crystal.png200,000 Marshal Marshal

Passive Drones

Passive Drones provide constant passive boosts for your tank.

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Brutus This drone gives an additional a protection and damage bonus from 1% to 10% when active. The bonus granted depends on the upgrade level. Additional Protection: (1→10)%

Additional Damage: (1→10)%

Crystal.png1,000 Sergeant Sergeant
Hyperion Eliminates Smart Cooldowns and decreases cooldown for Double Armor, Double Damage and Speed Boost based on its upgrade level.

Activating a Supply causes multiple supplies of the same type to be consumed.

Reduction of Supplies Cooldown and Reload: (0→30)s Crystal.png320,000 Legend Legend
Crisis An experimental drone with the ability to significantly increase the effect of one supply while disabling others. When you activate double damage, double armour or speed boost (or pick up a supply box), this drone switches the supply into an improved mode, while disabling and recharging the other two supplies.

This drone can only be obtained from Ultra Containers under the "Exotic" rarity.

Additional armor: (50 → 100)%

Additional damage: (25 → 50)%
Additional speed: (20 → 70)%
Cooldown between switching modes: (2 → 0.5)s
Double Armor, Double Damage or Speed Boost consumed: 3

Crystal.png0 Recruit Recruit

Support Drones

Support Drones help keep you alive by reducing cool downs and repairing your tank.

Name Description Effect Price Rank
Mechanic After using Repair Kit, will grant an additional bonus to instant repair effect and expand the effect to nearby allies. Recharge: 30s

HP Bonus: (100→500)HP Heal Radius: (15→25)m
Reduction of Repair Kit Cooldown: 10s Battle Score: 10 Points

Crystal.png20,000 Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1
Engineer Significantly increases the duration of supply drops and shares the effect of the picked up supply box with all allies. Recharge: 10s

Bonus Time (RK) (2→4)s
Bonus Time (Other) (20→40)s
Battle Score: 1 Point

Crystal.png50,000 Warrant Officer 5 Warrant Officer 5
Supplier Prolongs the active time of the supplies Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost, and also “shares” the effect of activated supplies with nearby allies. Recharge: 10s

Active Time: (1→5)s
Effects' Radius: (15→25)m
Battle Score: 5 Points

Crystal.png90,000 Captain Captain
Trickster After activating Speed Boost cancels the reload on all other supplies and shares this effect with nearby allies. Recharge: 10s

Effective Range: (15→25)m Reduction of Speed Boost Cooldown: 5s Battle Score: 5 Points

Crystal.png140,000 Brigadier Brigadier
Camper Speeds up the recharge time of supplies when the tank is at full health. Cooldown on Respawn: 7s

Bonus Supplies Recharge Speed: (100→500)%

Crystal.png200,000 Marshal Marshal


  • On June 4, 2018,[1] the Mechanic, Assault and Trooper drones were released, along with the release of batteries.
  • On June 23, 2018,[2] the Engineer, Driver and Supplier drones were added. Additionally, certain mechanics and parameter values were changed for the previous drones.
  • 6 new drones were uncovered in episode 187 of the Tanki V-Log,[3] meant to be released during the 2018 Halloween update. The first 6 drones- Defender, Booster, Sapper, Camper, Demoman and Rescuer- already had their design finished; the last 3 drones- Saboteur, Sprinter and Trickster- still had their design in development, and only revealed by current drone name and ability.


  • The shop provides 2 product kits consisting of drones: "Drone Attack" Kit, containing Mechanic, Assault and Trooper; and "Second Coming" Kit, containing Engineer, Driver and Supplier.
  • Drones were part of a secret project, named "Project Energizer". They were first hinted when the developers edited the Development Plans page in the Wiki, where they added a mysterious point under the Work in Progress header. In a special thread in the forum, only one tanker correctly guessed what a part of it would be, Musa

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