Destroyed tank Year 2042

The destroyed tank in the map Year 2042

Destroyed tanks are landscape objects that appear in a variety of maps. These are rusty tanks, half-sunken in the ground, not owned by any players and are only used for decoration purposes. All destroyed tanks are a combination of Firebird and Titan (both at M0).


Destroyed tanks are featured in the following maps:

  • Cross
  • Desert
  • Esplanade
  • Noise
  • Opposition
  • Rio
  • Scope
  • Station
  • Year 2042
  • Yorkshire
  • Zone

In addition, one is used in a custom 404 error message in Tanki Online's website, when searching for a content that doesn't exist.


  • The destroyed tanks use the pre-rebalance design, which is applied on both their turret and hull. The rusty pattern is also the one used previously to indicate destroyed tanks.