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One of the 8 battle modes of Tanki Online, Deathmatch has been recently removed from the game lobby and has been made into a "PRO Battle Only" gamemode, as suggested from Tanki Online VLOG 233. Everyone in the battle field fights for himself/herself, and the outcome is determined by the player him/herself.


The goal of Death Match (DM) is to get more total kills than the rest of the players in the match.


Tanki Online ''Heavy Tank M3'' Kit Deathmatch

Deathmatch Gameplay by lucasxxllxx

How to Play

It is very easy to learn and similar to TDM except you work alone. There are no teams and the maximum amount of players depend on which map you choose. What you are supposed to do is to try to kill as many other players as possible. The battle is limited either by amount of kills, time, or both. The amount of crystals you get depends on how many kills you get. One of the best methods is to destroy already damaged tanks.

Free-for all Deathmatch

To learn more about this battle mode and how to be better at it, check out this forum post from Tanki:



  • In TDM , there is BLUE team or RED team. But in DM, everyone has a "green" health bar-showing that you are fighting alone. 
  • If someone self-destructs, falls down of the map (i.e., Moon Silence), exits the map (i.e., Iran), etc. then NO ONE will get the kill. Instead, the person who self-destructs gets a loss and a minus kill.
  • The current map with the most amount of death-matches is Polygon
  • Shaft's laser is red, not green, in a death-match
  • It is the only solo game mode in the game as the rest are team modes.