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The controls screen in Tanki

The following page lists the game controls.

Keyboard controls

Main controls

  • Arrow keys, for moving the tank: (forwards), (backwards), (left) and (right)
  • Turret rotation: Z (left), X (right) and C (brings turret back to the center)
  • Spacebar- Shoot a round, burn, etc.

Alternative movement controls

  • For moving the tank:  W (forwards), D (backwards), A (left) and D (right),
  • Turret rotation keys:     < (left), > (right) and ? (brings turret back to the center).


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Other controls

  • Enter- Chatting
  • Tab- revealing the scoreboard. If chat is open, it will switch between regular chat and team chat
  • F- dropping the flag in CTF mode
  • Self-destructing: Delete, Ctrl or /. This starts an interval of 10 seconds, and the tank- if not destroyed by then- will blow up
  • P- pauses the game. The player will not respawn for the next 5 minutes, but not returning to the game in time will remove the player from battle

Mouse controls


Mouse controls were implemented in the game in April 8, 2015,[1] and allow the player to control their turret using the mouse. This feature, however, is not supported in all browsers, and is currently only available in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. They are disabled by default and can be enabled through the settings.

The controls are the following:

  • Mouse movement- rotating the turret (only horizontally, like the keyboard controls)
  • Left mouse button- shooting
  • All other controls are done using the keyboard


  • The ? button- which rotates the turret back to its default position- used to require holding the button until completing the rotation, but now it does it automatically with a single press, or until the player presses < or >.

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