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In gaming, cheating- or hacking- is the act of manipulating the game data to access unique features, or to speed up regular features. Cheating thereby gives the cheater a powerful advantage, which would normally be used to benefit the cheater.


Cheating is done for many causes:

  • Getting equipment (turrets, hulls, supplies, etc.) without paying for it and/or being at the required rank for buying it
  • Fly-hacking to catch gold boxes
  • Getting free crystals or experience
  • Killing other players or becoming immortal
  • Sabotaging the server to make the game lag for everyone, and other forms of trolling

In addition, moderated cheating is used by some of the Tanki developers for debugging purposes, including in the Test Servers.[1]

Cheating in Tanki Online

In Tanki Online, the game admins maintain a "zero tolerance" policy against cheaters. Cheating is both against the Game Rules and the EULA.

The game has an anti-cheating engine, that would self-destruct any player with a suspicious activity patterns. Cheaters can get banned, and can also be reported to admins in the Violation Reports forum topic.


  • Lagging while falling- especially when trying to balance light tanks using the turret's recoil- would often trigger the anti-cheating engine and self-destruct the player, despite the fact that they were not cheating. This is in particular noticeable in the map Madness, with its extreme terrain.


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