Tankionline (english) Wiki
Tankionline (english) Wiki

In Tanki Online, chats allow the players to easily communicate with each other. Chats are available in two places: during battle (which can be used by pressing "Enter"), and in the left section of the lobby.


The lobby. Its chat can be seen on the left section

Both chats feature similar options, yet have little differences:

  • The ability to send messages
  • The ability to click players' names in the chat, which reveals a context menu with the following options:
    • Copy name
    • Add to friends
    • Ignore
    • Profile
  • Names of friends are colored in a lighter shade of green
Unique lobby chat features
  • The "Write in chat" option is added to the context menu when clicking players. Clicking it automatically types the name the other player to the beggining of the message. When sent, the other player n the chat will see the message with a pale green background, and the message will also contain when viewed in chat, after the sender's name, an arrow, followed by the name player which the sender has written in chat. Players can stop sending messages like this by deleting the name of the other player from the beginning of the message
  • When typing a message fast, the letters are highlighted, one at a time, from left to right. If the player types too fast, they will have to wait until all letters have been highlighted. This feature has been designed to prevent flooding
Unique battle chat features
  • A player's name in chat is given the color of its team (red, blue or- for Deathmatch battles- green). Spectators appear in yellow
  • The ability to use the /vote command, to report offenders to the moderators. It is used by typing "vote" followed by a space and the name of the offender
  • The ability to use the team chat- a chat that is only visible to the player's teammates (not available in the Deathmatch mode). This feature can be activated or deactivated by pressing "Tab" while the content of the message will be colored by the team's color


  • In battle chat, messages disappear after a while. When pressing "Enter", the old messages are revealed.

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