Carbon is a paint in Tanki Online. It is unlocked at the rank of Sergeant Major, and is available in the garage for Crystal30,000 crystals.


  • On July 13, 2016, with the introduction of modules and the separations of paints and protections, Carbon's original garage description was added back.

Legacy Module

Carbon's legacy module is Carbon LGC-15. It provides 20% protection against Smoky, 5% against Twins and 5% against Shaft. It has 10 upgrading steps, which increase these protections to 30%, 10% and 10%, respectively.


Date Description
July 13, 2016
A combination of high-tech carbon fiber and high-resistance paint. Includes a special substance meant for disrupting enemy sighting systems, even though this is prohibited by the Tank Movement Inspection Directorate.
 ??? A paint that provides an effective defence against Smoky and somewhat reduces the damage inflicted by Twins and Shaft. Good for mid to long-range battles. Gives the tank a sports car look.