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In Tanki Online, creating a battle requires setting its Battle Mode, which defines what the goal of the battle will be and what role each team would have to play. Each map has its own list of possible battle modes; some have all modes, while others only have some.

List of battle modes


Main article: Deathmatch

Deathmatch (DM) is a mode that has no teams, and the goal is to destroy as many tankers as possible.

Team Deathmatch

Main article: Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a version of Deathmatch that is played in teams- team red and team blue. The goal is to destroy as many of the enemy players as possible.

Capture The Flag

Main article: Capture The Flag

In Capture The Flag (CTF), each team has a flag is their base. The goal is to take the enemy flag- by driving through it- and taking it to the platform of the team's own flag. Each captured flag adds a point to the capturing team.

Control Points

Main article: Control Points

Battles in the Control Points mode (CP) have a series of platforms with glowing orbs- the control points. A point can be captured by a team if one or some of its players stand next to it, which triggers a rounded loading animation. Once loading is completed, the point gets captured by the team. Every 10 seconds, a team would get points for each one of its captured points. A point can be captured by the other team by deactivating it- which works like capturing but in reverse- and then capturing it normally.

Special battle modes


Main article: Assault

Assault is a combination of Capture The Flag and Control Points. One team has a permanently-captured point, which constantly gives it points. The other team has a flag, and they need to take it and bring it to the enemy control points, and thereby capture it.


  • The battle list in the lobby has a set of icons in its bottom, allowing players to filter desired battle modes while hiding unwanted ones.
  • CTF is the most popular battle mode while CP is the least.
  • DM is known for it's high chances of a Gold Box landing.
  • A few maps support all the game modes, such as Year 2042.
  • All modes but Deathmatch allow multiple players to destroy the same enemy, giving them all experience points.